Artsie Picture while shopping:)

Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Holidays!

I’ve been gone for a while.. Gosh time goes so fast when you’re busy. I’m happy to report my dad is still around and doing his chemo and keeping up the good fight! 🙂 I’m so looking forward to the holiday break. This will give me sometime to update my blog and share so much more of me and what has happened ( very positive things) since my last post.:)

I’m was shopping and saw this wonderful Artist doing his work and snapped the unfinished version.

Hope everyone enjoys.
Stay tuned…more to come!!!

Happy Holidays!!

Stay Inspired,




2 thoughts on “Artsie Picture while shopping:)

  1. Glad to hear about your father, What is the chemo for exactly? I hope he got a good break for Christmas day at least. Isn’t that art work amazing?! So much raw talent, it excites me a great deal. Very inspirational 🙂

    • My Dad has Colon Cancer… Stage 4. He actually did have a break for Christmas! Life is always throwing curve balls. We can hit or miss but they will still arrive.

      Everyday is worth living to the fullest!
      Thank you for asking.

      Art is one form of expression that keeps me grounded. I love art!!!

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