Pause. Go. Stop. This Walkabout Called life.:)

Not sure what I’m doing today but one thing is for sure…sometimes not really having plans and just taking one second at a time works out much better.

I’m truly happy for all that I have going for me personally in my life. Dealing with my Dad’s cancer is exhausting. I truly love him and just listening and always remaining present in his day to day struggles with all that he has to deal with directly is very tuff. I must say, family is the great equalizer and compass for remaining focused.

Work is but a moment that exist to pay bills while pursuing external dreams of doing what you truly love.

Getting paid for doing what you love is even much better.:)

Careers, assignments, duties, etc.
What haven’t I done in my work life.

But what I’m really feeling is the need to travel. As if the young man inside of me many years ago looked out the window and saw that the world is much bigger than my neighborhood.:)

How do one explain destiny?
Destiny is not waiting for someone to define you or shape you. (My definition)

But the ability to create your opportunities and always expand as a human being. This is what I truly feel the need for. Within your own defined morale compass. I say this because the world is so big and a common premise already exist for what is right and wrong. But with so many different cultures and experiences…how can one not seek that which can help shape you further.

Going on a much deeper walkabout and exploration of self is sometimes the only way to find out who you truly are.

Yes, I’m not doing anything at the moment. Thinking, writing and processing all things that matter at the moment. But as life brings the unknown at your door you may find yourself shifting priorities based on what Mother Nature, god or whatever you believe in comes your way.

But whatever happens…laughter, exercise, smiles and hugs can carry you inside and outside of any experience you come across in life.

Have a great day everyone!

Stay Inspired.:)




3 thoughts on “Pause. Go. Stop. This Walkabout Called life.:)

  1. Sorry you are going through that with your Dad. Glad though that your contemplating a walk about. I left Seattle Nov. 1, 2012, have been on the road for 11 months. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been healing and expanding for me and everyone I have stayed with along the way…even the challenging places 🙂

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