The Space Shuttle Enterprise:)

Been so busy in my work and personal life that I’m somewhat exhausted.
I’ve missed posting on my blog. 😦

I’m so busy and exhausted.
My wife is away for two weeks and I’m Mr. Mom. Didn’t have time for a shave, haircut and downtime. 🙂 Lol.

I love my kid but my body is tired out. I salute my wife and all the moms in the world. Not easy at all…wow.:)
I’m gonna nap today and then go for a nice walk. Maybe I can find some energy and get over to the gym and workout today.

I can’t decide.:)

Well I do want to share some pictures from NYC my family sent me of the space shuttle enterprise and many other great shots from the Museum and surrounding area.

Have a great day everyone!
Happy Saturday.:)










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