What this Bird and I have in common:)

What a day of work, family planning and preparation for my child’s first day of high school next week!!!

I’m just amazed that I now have a kid going to high school. Time goes so fast when you’re a parent.

My baby isn’t a baby anymore.

I’m so proud and happy to be a father, active dad and friend to my kid!!

Communication is very important to help prevent your child from over exposure to the harsh realities of this complex world. Kids have to deal with bullying, group pressure and the need to experiment. Clear dialogue is very important. If your kid Doesn’t feel they can talk with you someone outside will offer advice that may not be good advice for your child.

I guess you can look at it as a road map to success or failure. Defining success is for your child to do in the end.

But if you help with the map your kid has a much greater chance of finding out who they really are inside and growing into a remarkable human being. Well a family that reads, talks and laughs together…stays together.

Looking at this photo of this bird that I snapped a picture of in Santa Monica keeps me balanced and inspired.

As this bird spreads those beautiful wings and takes off. It seems so happy and calm in the process. Very confident and not carrying any fears.

I guess as a parent you develop a level of confidence and balance when protecting and educating your child.

It all starts with trying to figure things out in the beginning and then you realize. Wow!!!

Your kid is off to high school.
🙂 🙂 🙂

Well back to work my break is over.
Have a nice evening everyone.

Time goes so fast!


Stay inspired!!!





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