This Sunny Day in LA:)

I’m outside but responding to my fellow bloggers and creative writers.

Here’s the sunshine that so many people in Los Angeles are always talking about. My friends in Alaska…enjoy!

So what is SohoJay doing on this sunny Sunday? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m shopping while listening to Prince.This Man is such a genius. Purple Rain one of my favorite songs. I’m simply enjoying my day:)

Funny when I shop with headsets in my ears shopping is actually very nice and mellow. I can purchase items at my own pace without anyone asking me a thousand times do you need any help Sir? Also…hello we have so much on sell today!!! Lol!!

Great strategy for hanging out and shopping without getting bothered in the stores. Well..I’m up at the counter for my purchased items.

Everyone get outside and have some fun.:)

Alaska…enjoy your hot chocolate and that lovely fireplace!

I love sunny days:)




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