Miracle Mile Strip in Los Angeles


It’s already August and school starts in Los Angeles in one week??!


So much to do and so little time to prepare my kid for school.:)

I was walking around yesterday and snapped this picture on the Miracle Mile Strip. Notice the three buildings in background. I’m gonna bet these buildings will eventually be converted into condos within 10 years.

The Miracle Mile transformation is moving very fast. Some change is welcomed while others are somewhat complex. I’m all for change as long as it brings everyone along in the process.

I have notice a heavy increase in the homeless population in Los Angeles.

Very scary how some many people are becoming without homes and having to ask for handouts.

I’m hoping it all balances out.
I guess if we talk about it and speak out about it. Things can and will be adjusted for the best. I’m a optimists at heart. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Alright!! I’m all out of post.
Gotta get outside and enjoy my Sunday.

Talk with all of you amazing bloggers, readers and creative people later.

Have a great day. 🙂

Stay Inspired!




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