DC Comics Headquarters in NYC:)

20130804-085221.jpgHere are some pictures from DC Comic Headquarters in NYC.

My family had the chance of visiting and exploring all of the amazing art and images inside DC Headquarters in NYC. What a great place to work!

I would probably never go home.:)

Wish I was on the trip!!!
I love comic books!!!

As a kid I collected comic books and action figures. Now my kid has followed the tradition. I still sit down occasionally and read a good comic book and discuss the details with my kid.

So much fun being a dad and discussing the stories together from some amazing comic books.

I really learned so much as a kid reading comics. The biggest prize for me was how comic books opened my imagination and helped give me a great sense of adventure and creativity.

It also gave me a fundamental passion for reading. A family that reads together stays together! 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.
I was wondering…who is DC Comics equivalent to Marvel Comics Stan Lee?

Does anyone know the answer?
I’ve always collected more marvel comics than DC as a kid.

Just wandering who is the stand out DC comics person?

Stay Inspired!




3 thoughts on “DC Comics Headquarters in NYC:)

  1. Great shots! Comic books are beyond awesome, brings back lots of childhood memories. You’re absolutely right, “a family that reads together, stays together”. DC comics is mind-blowing. I’ve been planning on surprising my boyfriend with a trip here, and it’s finally going to happen, next week. He’ll be beyond ecstatic. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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