Up The Sky We Go:)

Hello Everyone,

About a month ago I wrote about the transformation of the miracle mile area.

Here are so pictures of the building that is almost complete below. When I started writing a post I never really know the beginning or end. I paused and delete. Then I begin. 🙂
What I do know is my blog balances me and allows me the natural ability to share and recharge by mental battery.

Writing is hard work and fully employed writers are my heroes. They can turn a blank page into a Picasso of written thought. All from internal ideas and the human imagination. I’ve been looking up lately at the sky and noticing all of the changes that are happening. The weather patterns and the rise of made tall buildings. 🙂

All somewhat modern marvels is engineering and artistic design.

What I’m longing for is stars and the midnight sky. 🙂

I can’t remember the last time I just looked up and saw stars all in the sky on a clear night.

Actually yes…1996.
I was visiting family in the south and just became amazed by so many stars in the sky!!!!

No smog or pollution lurking in the air.
Just fresh air and the beautiful southern sky. I’m a city boy but if you have ever been down to the Deep South and relaxed outside and watched the sky it will definitely change you.

Well, I’m done eating…taking up space in the restaurant. 🙂

Here are some pictures of the sky in Los Angeles. Somewhat clear but full of grace and vision.

Hope everyone enjoys:)
Happy Saturday:)












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