Sunshine, Skyscrapers and Future Dreams:)

Hello fellow bloggers,

I enjoyed a lively discussion/debate about democracy in America with my Dad. I actually think he truly enjoyed our debate. My summary of American Democracy outlined in my not so winnable debate in which I felt was winnable. 🙂 I explained my premise filled with assumptions that my Father’s Generation (65 and up) and mine 40 and up carry hidden biases that will not exist in 200 years. ( Hopefully much less) The USA will not just be a melting pot but a trans-national and fully wired society pulling together with Canada, Mexico and South America to compete with China, Russia and other nations when it comes to supply and demand regarding natural resources. Strategically China has developed long term contracts with under and over developed nations.
Russia and China has strategically and slowly been utilizing yen and ruble within partnership for International trades and acquisitions vs the dollar which for years would always be the currency utilized in International deals.

(see attached article

China owns vast amount of United States Debt.

Rebuilding will require a united North/South America currency for trade and compensation.

If we don’t partner with our neighbors and improve the level of outreach, technology, revised trade based on modern technology…American democracy will collapse and we will become like shares to stakeholders without value. China will flood the market and the dollar will collapse in less than 100 years.

My assumption is based on our current trends with our very own resources and financial affairs in America. America the country that I love so much is a severe wound with a bandage on it in need of a major operation to survive.

I example is similar to someone without insurance, The patient dies a slow death. With the visual comfort of entertainment, video games, movies and emotional buying power of things.

And yes…one last smoke before you die.

Gosh the world has change.
The world had change so much in 200 years. What will it look like in 50-200 years from now.

Robotics -with computer technology, machines doing manual labor jobs, the future jobs will require the basics of computer programming and exportation of resources. Steel, water, nano technology, paper thin computers and much, much more that I can’t even imagine.

Jobs as we understand them from our parents stories aren’t coming back to America. At least not in the traditional since.

Is the future all about advanced nano programming and internal human computing?

Robotics/micro nano electronics computing all attached to the human brain cells, blood stream and nervous system for faster processing of information?

What will google glass look like in 5, 50 and 100 years from now.
Maybe it will be called google eye?
We will go from glasses to lenses to fully development cyber robotic eyes?

Will the Internet exist as we understand it 50 years from now?

Will we just be walking connections and just blink and we are online when we close our eyes. Maybe a virtual Internet?

Our debate went back and forth and then we settled on one thing.

People must united and make change not demand it. Because the current politicians will not change anything. Majority of the politicians are lawyers running the government. No offense to lawyers but having so many lawyers in government keeps us stuck in litigation.

Well, the President will hit the road and talk about jobs and the middle class.

I’m very optimistic about the future.
The present day is what scares me.

We Americans have developed this need for everything immediately.

Without long term goals to build towards. We have this consumer driven need to buy and consume things. This admiration for the need of allusions that give us self gratification.

While china has mastered the ability to own, sell and lend. China is already the Superpower. China is like the story of the rabbit and the tortoise.

We all know who won the race at the end of the story.:)

The tortoise. Very patiently and strategically took the time and preparation to win.
The Chinese have mastered the art of patience. Very intelligent and smart strategy.

After a a very timely back and forth debate. I concluded with the following.
I’m going to dinner…Dad I will talk to you later. Lol. 🙂 🙂

We both argued our points and neither heard each others point of view very well. Yes generations that do hold biases and the next generation will surely change everything and start to listen to each other and change the world.

Hey we found one subject we agreed on. Sports!!

(The Yankees, giants and the NBA.)

I love my Dad. Happy he is still a fighter and doing well fighting the cancer:)
His blood count is good and he will have new check up on today. 🙂

God is good. I’m very blessed.

Remember to laugh and smile.

Stay Strong!


Keep Laughing!





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