Laughter Changed Me:)

Yes, laughter changed so much about me in so many positive and uplifting ways. I have learned to laugh about everything.

Anger doesn’t keep you. Laughter will keep you happy and healthy.

If you can find the humor in life’s daily challenges and not dwell on the mental perception of the bad and the emotional internalization of what you perceive. I truly believe as human beings we can always go forward in life happy. We don’t natural think that something bad will happen to us in life. Remarkably most post think positive things will happen.

I have learned to see every day as a brand new challenge. I’ve learned to breath and keep laughing while achieving my goals everyday.

My Dad who has stage 4 colon cancer is well. He is laughing and enjoying life with the cards that he has been given. The unknown is just that…the unknown. As a healthy guy seeing my Dad sick but living his life to the fullest…keeps me inspired. I ask myself, how can I not live my life to the fullest and laugh while doing everything I can to keep my Dad laughing for the time he has left on this earth. Laughter is so real and wonderful. Find a friend, colleague or love one and have a good laugh together. Nothing in the world like being in a situation that causes you to laugh until it hurts. Lol!!!

Happy Monday Everyone and thank you for the wonderful likes on my page yesterday on my 16th Wedding Anniversary!

My Wife and I thank you.:)

Breath. Laugh. Inspire.

Keep up the amazing post my fellow blogger!


(Snapped this picture while in Santa Monica California sometime ago)



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