16th Wedding Anniversary Celebration! What advice can I offer others…


16 years of Marriage.:)

Today is my Wedding Anniversary!
(I had it written on five different calendars, notes and in my wallet so I wouldn’t forget this amazing day!)


Time goes so fast.:)
What can I say….my wife is my life and my love and I’m so in love with her.

She is my soulmate.
I’m not without my flaws but she has built me into the man that I’m today.

The saying that a Women builds a man is very true in life. She can also break him. Women are way more intelligent than us guys. Honestly…Women rule the world they just allow us guys the allusion that we do. 🙂

What can I say about marriage.
It’s not easy and things will not always be perfect.

But staying humble is somewhat of a standard line most people will say.

It requires deep conversation and connection.Being able to become one is the best way I can truly describe it.

Sacrifice, honor, love and advice from people who are married helps tremendously. In 16 years of Marriage my life is full of happy and sad memories.

The happy memories keep us and the sad memories make us stronger as a couple/team.

Temptation will always come at you.
But think hard of the consequences and how much of your life you are willing to give away in the process.

Sometimes you can take what you have for granted and never have a second chance in life to get it back.

So to my fellow bloggers…each action requires a reaction and marriage and relationships aren’t easy. Just keep laughing, smiling and inspiring each other!!!

Don’t be afraid to share who you are with each other. Be responsible for each other and become a balanced scale. Yes marriage is like a scale!!

You can even the scale and remain equal or you can overload the scale and
Take some much from your partner that he/she can fill left out! ( hope my metaphor works)

Open up and keep things very honest, equal and balanced.

I’m offline for the rest of today.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

Stay Inspired!!!





4 thoughts on “16th Wedding Anniversary Celebration! What advice can I offer others…

  1. I appreciate your visiting my new blog CHICKENurture! Also your advice on marriage is most inspiring. You are so lucky to have each other- congratulations and may you enjoy many more years of companionship and love!

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