Thoughts on a Sunny Day:)

My day started at 4:30am with a morning meditation and then some push ups. It’s such a beautiful day in Los Angeles. Taking a deep breath….this is your day…something remarkable will happen.
🙂 🙂 🙂

Last night I watched the HBO Series, Band of Brothers.


I remember watching the show sometime ago and loving it. This time around it brought tears to my eyes. As I listened to the commentary at the being of the show. All from the real vets explaining how so many soldiers died in combat in WWII. It was very moving. If the allies would have lost the war we would probably live in a much different world than we know of today. I think as a consumer driven society we admire so many of the wrong heroes. What about the soldiers who died, the teachers who sacrifice so much everyday, kids without proper resources who study hard everyday to get a good education and the volunteers who give so much to communities around the world without wanting anything in return.

Thank you!!!!

I turned from the news last night.
Nothing about healthcare, jobs, or local heroes making a difference.Just stories about what continues to divide us as human beings.

Summer brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in human beings.Stand for what you believe in and remain peaceful without harming anyone is my model in life. Life is so valuable and our time is so short on earth.

We can learn so much from trees. 🙂
They are true watchers of human nature and will out live us all.

They communicate with each other and shape our environment and the air we breath. But as human beings we destroy tremendous numbers of trees and forest in the name of progress.

Yep I watched Band of Brothers last night and this post is for all who seek change in this world for the better.

Stay on your path and keep doing good in the face of any obstacle you may face. To all my fellow blogger…keep up the amazing stories, photos and inspiring post. Sometimes shared experiences no matter how different it may seem can assist others. Have a great day and stay inspired!!!

I’m at peace today as this flower my camera fell in love with.

Breath, Dream and Inspire!






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