Ladies and Gentlemen…it’s time!

Gosh, I really did eat yesterday. 🙂 today eating somewhat lighter.

Morning breakfast smoothie
Ingredients-berries, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, water and soy milk.

Ok…I did cheat with some pancakes!
Gosh I’m off today and bored! 😦

I should workout but for some reason I’m washing clothes.

Just turned on the TV and all cable news stations are covering the Martin Case. I’m watching now and the medical examiner is on the stand.

Interesting case.
No additional comments on my behalf.
I’m not a gun owner and don’t plan on owning a gun.

But if I lived in Mississippi or the Deep South. I might consider owning a gun as protection for my family. ( the issue is living in isolated areas. I truly understand protection concerns within these areas.)

People who walk around with fire arms in the inner cities and fully populated areas who aren’t law enforcement, high profile celebs or business owners protecting property are waiting for a spark to take place. ( just my opinion)

But what do my comments have to do with the Martin Case?

I guess if George Zimmerman just let the cops come and sort everything out without playing cop/vigilante this young man would be alive.

Just my opinion.
It’s east to Monday morning quarterback, but a life is so important.

I’m a Dad and god I can’t imagine what that family is dealing with after having a child murdered.

I wasn’t going to comment about the case but…well life is about taking a position. I guess I just did.

My position is love and peace without firearms 🙂

I’m a dreamer.

Turning the channel..gotta catch up on Egypt!!


My clothes…back to washing. Lol!!!




2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen…it’s time!

  1. It’s a tough one, the gun issue. But, when I translate my personal experiences into wisdom, I have to say no guns!
    I lived in Japan for a little over a year, where there is a no gun policy, When you look at all the stats, it’s the obvious choice. No More Guns !

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