NYC Bike Riding Program

NYC bike riding program:)
My family snapped this shot for me of these wonderful bikes in NYC.

It appears some residents aren’t as happy with some of the bike rack locations throughout the city. (Manhattan locations)

Hey, I wish we had this setup in Los Angeles. I have to drive almost everywhere in Los Angeles.

I’m eager to get back to NYC and enjoy the cultural dynamics and Energy of my fellow New Yorkers!!!!!!

Well until then…hot day in Los Angeles.

Happy Thursday Everyone:)




2 thoughts on “NYC Bike Riding Program

  1. It’s such a wonderful idea! But I hear the city is raking in the big bucks on handing out traffic tickets to the new crop of bike riders!

    • Wow! I didn’t know that. If the public fights it they ( the city) will back off.
      Just takes a few YouTube videos and news clips and bloggers saying stop the taxation on bike riders!


      I wish we had a real comprehensive Bike program in Los Angeles.

      Be well,


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