My Dad ‘s Cancer Treatment

My Dad is doing the chemo and pills.
Finally got his first test results…the cancer is going reducing and his blood count is good!!!

Not sure about the whole thing…stage 4 prostate cancer is mind blowing and just hard to watch a love one deal with.

Thank god for medical coverage.
Without the coverage his medicine would cost about 1000 or more per prescription if I’m correct. (Per my Dad)

So many people who don’t have medical coverage and they don’t get to rapid response kind of treatment that my Dad is getting.

First they operated to remove to tumor and then they put him on chemo and pills…so much! 😦 😦

But back to the wonderful news…he is doing good at the moment.

That is what really matters.:)

If you have your Dad…make peace and spend sometime with him.

Life is a short journey that ends unexpectedly without any warning.

Better to ride the wave and live life to the fullest without any regrets.

(The pictures below reflect my happiness today. I snapped these shots sometime ago in Santa Monica)

Happy life, love and happiness everyone!!







8 thoughts on “My Dad ‘s Cancer Treatment

  1. Beautiful photographs. I’m so glad that your father received good news. I know the feeling all too well. My father passed from a brain tumor just this January. It’s so important to treasure your loved ones because they are not here forever. Much love to you.

  2. This is really good news!! Today this type of cancer is curable but as I always say the best healer is ourselves and a great big smile! Laughter and happiness is enemy to every illness!
    All the best SohoJay!

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