Love Thy Father:)

So I have been gone for sometime.
My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and everything change so fast.

Operations, chemotherapy, family priorities and changes in work.

My dad is doing good not great but what can I really say.

I’m afraid and terrified in side but I truly keep a good face for him and my kid who loves grandpa so much.

Life is really always changing and you just don’t know what is around the corner.

In the process I left my company, lost my domain.

But I truly gained a better understanding of not just being a dad but also being available for my dad in his moment of need and challenges.

My superman/dad I love him so much and knowing he has a a few months or years is hard. But I’m gonna make the best of my time with him and do some bucket list stuff with him while he is around.

If you have a Dad…love him and forgive him and love life and your moments.

Be Well and thank you for supporting my blog.

I’m back at




6 thoughts on “Love Thy Father:)

    • Thank you, I’m doing just that. 🙂
      I just realized that until I posted on my blog that I never really talk about it but always think about it.
      Thank you!

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