I truly believe everyday is truly a good day! New beginnings are good in the since that they can offer needed change with or without fear as a possible obstacle in moving forward.

I’m treating my life as if it was within a state of cloud atlas.

(Movie reference )

How does one deal with unplanned change?

How does one deal with the unknown?

How does one change?

How does one become more than one truly believes or anyone may believe is possible?

One must walk away and start new.
New beginnings not with barriers from the past but memories that are controlled and utilized within a forward thinking process.

Run from backward thinking people for they only offer confusion, fear and sadness. Insulate yourself from three of the five basic human emotions and go forward.

We are all bound not by things but by thoughts.

Control your thoughts and truly control your life.

Just my thought for the day:)
Have a great day!




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