NYC Jump Start:)

Hello everyone,

First let me start by saying…

Happy Veterans Day!!!!

Thank you for all of your sacrifice, Service and togetherness.

Stay strong!!!!

Have a blessed day!!

Now this blog of mine.
I apologize to all of my partners in the blog world. I have not been posting for a while.

What have I been doing?

I just finished working on the Obama campaign and now it’s done. Now what?

Well I’m a passionate guy who fights for human rights, animal rights and living and breathing ways to protect the environment. I’m finishing up a special projects campaign in NYC also around healthcare and then heading home to Los Angeles.

These last few weeks have been remarkable in ways I’m not sure I could truly explain. If you’ve been to NYC and traveled around the city and had to experience the after effects of the hurricane and then the second storm you would just be amazed by the spirit of these NYC and New Jersey residents.

Destruction, gas shortages, power loses and families with so much sadness after losing so much you are just lost with words.

All you can do is cry and rebuild.
NYC and New Jersey will rebuild!!

NYC is just lovely!!!!

I’m going back to Los Angeles soon but gotta tell you one thing.

My family and I will relocate permanently back to our hometown soon. Just love the life and energy of this city.

Powerful energy.

NYC does produce flowers and trees.
Bright and full of hope.

Always replacing itself with ever changing beauty.

Grows back. Looks the same on the outside. But if you look closely.

So many changes have happened.
All positive and beautiful.

Have a great Sunday everyone.








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