I woke up this morning to the news of a imminent hurricane?

I’m still in town for about three weeks before I head back to Los Angeles.

I’ve been so busy with day to day living and basic obligations that the weather report hasn’t been a top priority for me. 🙂 I guess I better do the following things.

1-get water
2-don’t rely on takeout? Go get food!!!

3- run my morning errands now before the storm arrives.

4- get a raincoat or umbrella?
5- flashlight
6-charge my cell phone emergency charger.

7- do all of these things at the last minute? Hey I live in LA now…I’m very laid back.

8-take pictures!!!

I better get going…

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!




4 thoughts on “Hurricane?

  1. We had a 7.7 earthquake last night and our family did not notice it. Yet a neighbor up the road had light fixtures swaying. I guess our family was too noisy and busy to notice? Hope everyone does okay during the hurricane.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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