Mr. Mom = Everyday Should be Mothers Day!!!!

Well my Wife is away taking care of her mom and I’m playing Mr. Mom in the house.
This has been a newsflash on so many levels.

I have always admired my wife but gosh…I just don’t know how she can do everything she does!!!!!

This Woman is Superwoman!
🙂 🙂

I’m tired out after two weeks of doing it all with my kid on my own.
I’m going to wash my her feet when she returns. I gotta get things ready for when she returns. I’m going to make sure she nows how much I love her on so many levels.

As my love of my life, friend, mom and best friend. She is truly amazing!!!!!!

Newsflash-Being a mom is way harder than being a Dad.
I just thought that as long as I organized the day ahead things would run like clock work.



1. So I made some organic waffles. My kid says…mommy makes chocolate chip waffles. So I bought some chocolate chip waffles from the store. My kids says…mommy makes it homemade?

2. My kids tells me this from time to time.:) 🙂 Mommy understands? Is that code for I miss mommy??? Lol!!! We are having fun but without my wife we are truly left with a void in our home.
We miss her terribly.

I love my wife my kid with all my heart.
But if after two weeks on my own with my kid I’m exhausted. How can my wife do all of the things she does and still have time for me????

Men and Woman are different in many ways!
For every mom raising a kid on your own…I want you to know…I truly admire you!!!

Everyday is Mothers Day in my house now!!!
Not just once a year!!!!

I truly get it.




11 thoughts on “Mr. Mom = Everyday Should be Mothers Day!!!!

    • Thanks! I will. I guess having the last two weeks doing everything on my own wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

      Moms Rock!!!!!

      Have a good weekend!
      I’m going back to sleep:) 🙂

      Thank god it is Saturday.
      Wait!!! Gotta prepare for my kids science project. Gotta stay up. Lol!!!

      Mr. Mom signing off!!!!

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