Longevity = Widsom

I’m 42. I was 32 ten years ago. I can’t land in that coffee shop, movie theater or car I was in on this day and say…your life will be amazing but challenging.

Go left not right.
Let the phone ring or do answer it.

Hope, grief, happiness and laughter will flow inside you.
Sadness will consume you from time to time.

But God will never leave you.

When I was 32 Years old, often felt this world was not that remarkable.
All of this pain and hurt in this world. Will anything truly change?
My politics was self serving but welcoming. I never did choose a political side.
I just lived the American Dream.

A consumers dream!!!!

So I’m 42 years old.
Not 32 years old now.

Last night, me, myself and I walked into my room and said to me…I’m you at 52 years old.

Keep fighting for this world, this planet and all of the nature within it.
Love the animals and creatures of the sea for they truly are misunderstood by human beings.

Share your laughter and continue to treat everyone kindly.

Look up and imagine you are looking down at this world and be the change you’re seeking in this world not just the hoping for change.

I’m just a second within an hour of life that changes constantly on this planet.

Your next ten years will define you as a true Humanitarian and Animal Rights Activist, but you just don’t see the changes that are coming. Do pick up the phone, share your ideas, volunteer, clean up the beaches and parks. Fight for the forest and all of its wonders.

Turn off the television and inspire!!!
I was overwhelmed by myself within a dream.

🙂 🙂

I saw myself at 52 years old, happy and at peace with myself and others.
Doing great things. One step at a time.

So I’m up today, reading, writing and thinking.

What can I do today that will make a true difference?
I’m gonna continue to remain open and free in my thinking and keep giving back.

Have a lovely day everyone!!!
Be kind and inspire!!!
If someone needs help and you can assist please do!!

Life is all about living and connecting.
If you’re reading this then we are connecting and sharing.

Have a great day!!!




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