Seeking Full Consciousness:) :)

I love the open skies. Just sitting and watching the moon, and stars in the night sky is just wonderful.

While sitting on the ground watching the stars within the night…I killed a bug.

A bug. Then asked myself if other beings exist within this galaxy that I’m looking at in the night sky are we as human beings as equivalent as bugs to them?

Would they not see beyond our human defined existence. As walking and breathing homosapiens are we just bugs in the looking glass?

What is the definition of this planet beyond this planet when others look at us from beyond?

We call this planet earth what would life beyond our planet call our planet and us?

So I killed a bug last night and wondered what makes human life greater than the bug that I killed?

Human Life is full of definition but lacking full Consciousness.
I’m reflecting and growing beyond my body and learning more about my mind. True understanding of thinking and admiring all life around me.

I regret killing that bug last night.
I’m seeking Consciousness.

Have a great day everyone.

Stay Inspired!!!




6 thoughts on “Seeking Full Consciousness:) :)

  1. And do you eat meat? Would we be a new food supply for alien life? I’m not making fun of your musings. But most science fiction concerning alien life seems to ask the very same questions. Thoughtful post!

      • I used to be the same as you. Now I don’t eat chicken, either. I think I’ve been watching too many documentaries on what we’re doing to our food chain. Did you know there’s a new gmo corn on the market? It has it’s own pesticide built in. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are the only two chains that have refused to sell it!

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