Giving Back Starts Now!! :)

Yesterday I spoke with this homeless family who lost so much. Wow!
I have so much giving back to do!

I’m gonna start doing and stop watching from the sidelines. This post is my start of doing something big.

Morning Inspiration:

Waking up and realizing this morning just how blessed I’m motivates me in so many ways.

I have a great family, home, food, health and the ability to create and inspire and get paid for what I love doing. I’m thinking of how can I give back?

SohoJay’s giving back start now!!

🙂 🙂

If anyone needs help with your resume, personal planning-life goals, strategy and benchmarks. Or just business planning just…. email me at

Work+ Life = Balance 🙂

In my lifetime I have creating nothing into something on many occasions within my professional career and still do this in my personal life as well.

I know everyone isn’t as experienced with business analytical and strategical branding and growth tactics.

So if you have an idea you are trying to move forward with-a campaign you are passionate about, but just don’t know how to get things going. Drop me a line and I will assist you.

If you aren’t working and struggling to find work or formulate a outcome driven plan to get on your feet, I will assist with advice for free.

I’m thinking that if I can give back then I’m not just watching from the sidelines but helping. One outcome one family at a time. I’m a dreamer and a poet seeking a better world. Let me help myself by helping you. Thank you all for supporting my blog!

My sabbatical continues and now I’m trying to give back.

God Bless!

Have a Sunny Sunday!!




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