My Heart Is In Colorado!!!

Sad morning…Shooting last night at a dark knight movie premiere in Colorado.
Multiple people dead. Including a children.

😦 😦 😦


😦 😦 😦



7 thoughts on “My Heart Is In Colorado!!!

    • Sure. I couldn’t write one post yesterday…so saddened by these crazy events.

      I’m trying to wrap my mind around how a 24 year old kid can buy this level of weapons and body armor he purchased without any red flags going off???

      My family and I saw the Dark Knight Yesterday…good movie but not as pleasant with this event happening.

      God bless the families, children and lost souls who lives got taken in the horror.

      I love Colorado!!!!!

    • Sure thing!!

      Great city, people and hospitality.
      Been in Denver a few times…great culture.

      My heart breaks for the the families.
      Holding my family much closer.

      God Bless!!!

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