Poem- This Oracle

I’m dreaming this day of better days like when I was a child and played.

So filled with wonders, amazement and laughter. I recall the trees that gave me the view of the sky.

I climbed and rushed cherries inside my cotton pockets. Holes closed with bundling pockets. I went climbing down each branch holding me firmly while I explored the dream of laughing and gathering. This poor child, rich with adventure never knew struggle other than running water turning cold in his empty stomach.

This body this day, this evening and this night. Available for rent inside.

All gone empty inside, crying, frightened this boy played drums not seen outside.

No more trees built the way of yesterday. So longing for yesterday while today escaped me.

If my oracle held my future from me. Please let me be forward thinking, not yesterday believing in this future I too must see.

This little boy experienced 24 clicks of this Oracle. No more dreams no more smiles. Twelve clicks stopped his clock at half pass six. Moving these cherries to the ground.

I opened my eyes and saw the tree and look up and smiled. The cherries red in my cotton pockets bleeding. I’m going back up this time not knowing if I’m dreaming. Cherries red as cheeks blushing and fire hydrants holding gushing water not running.

I play.

My Oracle remains today and yesterday




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