I’m thinking about developing a Podcast (Not as complex as I thought it would be).

The idea of maintaining content and sharing interesting stories about fascinating topics, surroundings, people, life, nature and this sabbatical I’m on is intriguing.


This Podcast idea sounds alot like my blog?

🙂 🙂

Why a podcast?
Why not I guess is the true answer.

The idea of expanding my exploration of the arts, culture, creativity and the natural function of communicating with others about things you may never even know may exist excites me.

Human engagement on a visual, intellectual, cyber creative level, catches my interest.

I’m thinking on this and trying to wrap my mind around developing a finished product that I can truly love as an extension to my blog, my twitter account (twitter.com/SohoJay), my Facebook page (Facebook.com/SohoJay) and feel this podcast might just be the link I’m missing.
🙂 🙂

Well my friends…Please stay tuned while I explore this new endeavor.

Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Life!!

🙂 🙂 🙂




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