Reading Hitch-22 Tonight, By Christopher Hitchens

So had this refreshing conversation this evening with some friends about great writers/people of our time. One of my favorite’s is Christopher Hitchens.

This man gave me pause and intellectual engagement on social issues that effect and shape many.

He passed about a year ago. Truly missed.


Funny…I’m just imaging how many emails and conversations still take place over dinner about this amazing man’s positions and statements about God, politics and social issues.

So I’m reading Hitch-22 tonight and thinking…did he meet God or did he just fade away?

We change the balance on this planet on a micro level daily.

We kill spiders, ants, bugs and internally decide they aren’t relevant. Creation and death are all within natures circle.

I digress.

Well this one is for you Hitch!!!!
Well done…you did it your way.








2 thoughts on “Reading Hitch-22 Tonight, By Christopher Hitchens

  1. Beautiful dedication.. On a side note, I also wonder what happens to the human spirit when we die. Sometimes I think maybe we are irrelevant, like the insects you mentioned, but then you see how magnificent the world is visually and intellectually, surely there is a God and things pass on to another life. Nature is to magical to just fade 🙂

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