Poem- This Child Cried

This baby whose parents cried and laughed died. I cried, we all cried while seeing this baby’s eyes close.

No more future for this soul just dreams, memories of imagination and expectation gone but not forgotten.

Operations delayed what is now today. This baby full of future creations and expectations taken away. How many 24 hours have we seen gone and come from human beings. Dead man knocks and lady luck wants what she wants. This child and mommy and daddy lay waiting.

I’m crying now!

This baby died in my arms without any reason how?

I cry.

I push back with laughter as this play-writer explains stories of life and death and the hereafter.

This explained need for my child to fall into God’s embrace. Raises drumbeats and broken teeth as I eat this brutal reality.

Give me my child not dreams and stories this God who plans aren’t showing me glory.

I’m yelling all my feelings for no more feelings, but get more than my mind bargained for. This pain. Death has no sound but this baby isn’t meant for the ground.

I’m awake from dreaming after hearing my baby screaming. The operation brings life back to my child and our dreams.

This baby died and came back and I cried. Little babies living life while others are killing life. This child brought love into me.

I cried.




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