The Game Called Monopoly

This game called Monopoly:

I picked up the new version of monopoly, the electronic version and remembered the guy at the counter saying something about his experiences while playing with his friends.

The warning that he provided was about why he stop playing because things got argumentative with his friends in a fun and crazy way. While paying I thought to myself, not me…I’m such a nice guy, polite family guy who is very easy going…never could happen to me.

Trust me..I’m not a competitive person. 🙂

Well I played with my family and became Donald Trump!!


🙂 I started the game by buying up the most valuable places/properties on the board. I had become this Donald Trump Like Player. 🙂

My son landed on my property and I said…son you must pay rent. (not willing give a free stay on my property even when I knew his money was running out) this game is about winning!!

I knew this game was mine to win now!! (who was the guy I had become)

So I thought..all along my Wife was quietly saving her money and purchasing small amounts just the right amount of property/hotels while I was sitting back smiling and feeling as if this game was mine to win. I explained my behavior as teaching my son the value of paying bills and being responsible and not getting a pass in life. 🙂 Yes I was now a Millionare trying to become a billionaire in the electronic version of monopoly determined to win. (background-I have lost at every family game so far..this was going to be my big win!! ) after two hours we decided to wrap up the game and play another night.

Two Days Later,

I started with this feeling that this was going to be the conclusion and win I was looking for.
This was my night!!

After just two moves I landed on my wife’s property and was one step from going bankrupt????

What went wrong?

I spent and never checked my balance…thinking I had already won and was on cruise control. (not to mention my wife is way… smarter than me. 🙂 )

The end of a dynasty:

On my next go… I had to mortgage my properties and landed on another property owned by my wife..which caused me to end my chances at winning and becoming the king of monopoly.

The laughter…wow!! Did I get what was owed me.


For the last two days..I refuse to play the game. I’m currently searching for a another table game. 🙂
Maybe this time I just might get lucky and win at the game of life or something. Lol!!

Friday monopoly rematch:

Ok I have gotten over not winning and tonight we are playing monopoly as a family.
I will think about letting my family live rent free if they land on my properties but my Wife, who is this quiet genius, beautiful, loving mom an wife…I must win at all cost!! 🙂 🙂 Hey this is all about having fun and spending quality family time together right?

Yes and no…I love my family and the time we spend together…but this game is addictive. 🙂

I want to win.


Has anyone had similar or other experiences with playing monopoly?

Happy Friday Everyone!!





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