Griffin Observatory Amazing View! Part II

I decided to go up the Hill today and do the walkabout at Griffin Observatory.
(Posted a few photos from a prior trip.) After enjoying today’s relaxing walk it really makes sense to share these pictures. If you are ever in Los Angeles please visit this location. I promise you will not be disappointed. Here are the photos hope everyone enjoys. Still editing my New York Trip and will post in a few days.


This picture really captures the beauty of Los Angeles. Hey maybe it’s fog and not smog above the city? 🙂


This picture captures similar beauty below.


While looking down you feel this breeze and the sun all at the same time. I starting looking closer and noticed a few people jogging down and thought I would capture the shot quickly from below. Look closely. the next two shots show this guy jogging down the hill/canyon.20120529-144358.jpg

This one below is my favorite. See the guy?

This was actually the picture I thought wouldn’t make my post. Sometimes the pictures you think aren’t going to work actually do.

This is the front view of the observatory below.



These pictures cover the plants around the building below.

20120529-144528.jpgI was wonder what kind of plants are these…spider plants? This can’t be a small palm tree? Does anyone know the name of these plants or Trees?


Beautiful Statue with multiple messages underneath.


i like this gate for some unknown reason?


I starting thinking about a lighthouse while walking around the back of the observatory.





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