Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This poem is reposted in honor of every solider who has given his/her life in the name of country.

Poem- Solider:
I’m a solider but I don’t kill. Gone are they this day, taken away embedded with humanity. The unshielded are motionless, they lay without prayer. God these dead oak doors of less visions and simple missions. Send me forward arms in hand god has a plan so does my enemies within. All this Bleeding and butchered roads of glory and souls of yesterday of young years. All year gone and towed with trumpet’s of sounds singing glory. These dead soldiers lay unburied. Underneath willows and leafs feelings of gentleness over take me. Dame this verbal exchange that brought this evasion, but brought no relief. I’m a solider told to obey, yet taken away for watching and not letting my humanity get taken away. All around are sleeping away and dreaming. I’m a solider who will not kill. I’m solider praying for a deal to his conflict without saying, restrictions and lack of nutrition over take me. This War and confessions with lessons that spark chains, this solider who would not kill is taken away.

By, SohoJay



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