Poem- A Seed that grew

I actually wrote this for a mentor who retired and will truly be missed. I did a quick open mic during a going way gathering. 🙂 Not often do you come across true genius and honesty in a person. Amazing mentor and true legend. Wish you all the best!

A seed that grew:

Water, rain, and snow consumed you but you grew. Grew beyond expectations of narrow interpretations, but you grew.

Look not pass this forest we have grown. A seed that grew and produced branches, vines, flowers and cooled the air. Air of invisible motion, but without a bird stopping by wouldn’t be seen. A seed that grew that we see. We see pass any of seeds that didn’t grow but produced the seed that is now a Tree. A seed that grew that is now a tree. Held, bended internally circled, externally balanced.

By, SohoJay




2 thoughts on “Poem- A Seed that grew

  1. Great Person who left and really made a difference for so many in the workplace. Hope any new opportunity that presents itself benefits this great influiental leader.

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